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College & Career Planning and Funding Resources

Get the top college and career planning and funding strategies, resources, and templates on the market to get accepted into college and graduate debt-free!

Dr. Christie Murray, published two books (and online templates) that have helped thousands of scholars develop proven strategies to expedite their college and career planning efforts.

At EEI, we consult with individuals, families, and groups to help them increase their college enrollment and graduate rates​.


Scholars will get strategies to:

  • Learn more about career and college options

  • Understand the college admissions process

  • Develop a college, career, and or funding plan

  • Apply to colleges

  • Explore funding and financial aid options

  • Search and apply for scholarships

  • Develop a scholar profile development

  • Write compelling essays

  • Obtain letters of recommendation

College Planning and Funding: Welcome

Youth Join
"Scholarships for Scholars"

Exclusive Groups on Facebook and Instagram

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Join Dr. Christie Murray's exclusive "Scholarships for Scholars" Exclusive Group on Facebook or Instagram to gain access to exclusive information, live talks, training opportunities and scholarships. Many students share their struggles with finding scholarships with higher probability of awards. Join this social media group to get access to scholarships that may increase your changes for selection. This group will allow Dr. Murray to help a larger group of students more effectively.

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