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(Free) Virtual
2023 Youth College and Career Excellence Summit
August 12-13, 2023

Educational Excellence, Inc. (EEI) is happy to announce the 2023 virtual Youth College and Career Excellence Summit on August 12-13, 2023. Join us for an impactful two-days focused on educating and empowering high school and college students as they prepare for life beyond high school. EEI is offering virtual workshops and sessions to help scholars who are actively planning for life after college. You can expect two days of workshops, key note speakers, panel discussions, giveaways, scholarship awards, and sponsor exhibits.  

This exciting virtual event will give students and parents the opportunity to: 

  • understand key college and career planning and funding strategies to graduate college debt-free

  • network with peers, mentors, and experts

  • share ideas and experiences about college, life, and beyond

  • develop a scholar profile for a chance to get awarded a scholarship

Stacks of Coins

Become a Scholarship Sponsor

Each year, we strive to help youth fund their vocational, community college, or four-year college pursuits. We invite you to join us in helping students to graduate college debt-free. Donate to our summit and sponsor a scholarship for a deserving scholar. 

Meet the Host

CEO and Co-founder of EEI, College Expert, Author, National Speaker

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